What is keyword research in SEO?

Keyword Research – What it is and why it’s Important in SEO?

keyword-researchKeyword Research is simply a process of analyzing and researching of the possible keywords that are used on a search engine. One of the most crucial parts of SEO is targeting the right term. It is more than just calculating the number of searches a particular word gets and settling for one with the highest searches. It involves analyzing the best keyword and phrases that are likely to bring about the highest conversions. Proper keyword research also includes looking at the expected traffic levels for the relevant terms chosen, the conversion value of one keyword as compared to another keyword.

The analysis also is directed towards weighing the completion levels of each of the terms. Here, you identify whether it is worth to compete on a highly popular term or on a term that has lower volume searches that are less competitive. While you might think that you know what keywords you will use to target your audience, you need to know that not all keywords are relevant and some don’t even get searched.


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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing and advertising strategies are going to perish and if business doesn’t embrace this new strategy, the business have to be left in the dust.

We are going to show you a little something new that will change the way you have been getting customers. Maybe forever. This methodology is easy and more sustainable.

Tired of cold calling? Well, you won’t have to do that again.

If you still want to continue with cold calling strategy, you may have better chances to increase your sales by 5 to 10-fold.

How would you like to have an automated system in place that will continue to bring you new customers while profitably maintaining existing ones?

Think of a system that will get your prospects to contact you, without any manual outreach?

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.



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What Is Page Authority & How To Improve It

Increasing the page authority of your backlinks can dramatically increase your results.

Improving the page authority of a page and its backlinks can significantly escalate your page in search results.

This brief article predominantly shows you how to do that:

First of all, let’s understand what is a PA / Page Authority by Moz.com and How to improve it?

Pisst.. This is the secret ingredient we (SEO Services India) have been personally using.

How to improve your backlinks that deliver ROI double or triple times the value of the link?

How to legitimately increase the page authority of your backlinks without getting penalized by major search engines?

Let’s dive deep into it…



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How To Do Search Engine Optimization / How to optimize your website to satisfy Search Engine?

How to optimize your website to satisfy Search Engine? The How to for Search Engine Optimization.

This could be little lengthy but you will get better understanding.

Every Search Engine has its own specific Algorithm to provide relevant search results to its users. Our job is to simply satisfy all the Search Algorithm needs, laid by a Search Engine. By doing so we make the search engines happy and so you rank higher in search results.

If you a new to Search Engine Optimization, do read our post What is SEO?

Traditionally there are 3 main Search Algorithm needs you are expected to satisfy in order to make your website search engine friendly. They are given below.

Search Engine Algorithms:

  • Content
  • Titles and
  • Links

This may sound cliche, but this is the fundamental thing any search engine will expect form a Website or a Web page.

Words in your website does matter. Have you ever heard the phrase Content is the King? Well it is so true for search engines and for search engine optimization.

Content is the King

Search Engines filter the results for a specific Keyword based on the words used in your web site. Search Engines only display those websites that contain the specific keywords that are entered in the search bar.


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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? The common question we are often asked.

What is Search Engine Optimization? – The common question we are often asked.

Let me start with the abbreviation for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of getting quality traffic to your website through a FREE or ORGANIC search made on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

By FREE and ORGANIC search we mean real people searching on a real topic of interest.

What Search Engines Do?

The primary job of a Search Engine is to crawl tons of web pages on a regular basis (can be hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly) from all around the world on the Internet and to Index them. Whenever a search is made, these search engines can help people find exactly what the people are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization - Explained by CreateMySEO.com
What is Search Engine Optimization? Explained for beginners and in simple terms by CreateMySEO.com

Every search engine has a dedicated secret mechanism to crawl, find and index all the websites and its related contents. This dedicated secret mechanism is called an ALGORITHM that converts relevant and useful contents into a search results for a user.


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