Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing and advertising strategies are going to perish and if business doesn’t embrace this new strategy, the business have to be left in the dust.

We are going to show you a little something new that will change the way you have been getting customers. Maybe forever. This methodology is easy and more sustainable.

Tired of cold calling? Well, you won’t have to do that again.

If you still want to continue with cold calling strategy, you may have better chances to increase your sales by 5 to 10-fold.

How would you like to have an automated system in place that will continue to bring you new customers while profitably maintaining existing ones?

Think of a system that will get your prospects to contact you, without any manual outreach?

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Why Isn’t Cold Calling Going To Work

In recent times, the way marketing and sales works has changed so much. Let’s discuss top three “WHYs” briefly:

1) Customers don’t get sold any more easily like before, they do their own research.

The Internet has information on almost anything. Clients have become smarter and better. They are better equipped to make informed decisions, even before going to a restaurant. They will check for reviews about you. Well, not only you, about anything.

Even a onetime use-and-throw baby wipes in a popular online shopping site had 3000+ review and ratings. Just think about that for a second.

2) Customers hate being bugged constantly on hard sell advertisements.

Consumers hate annoying ads (Several top online ad agencies and service providers reportedly make hundreds and thousands of dollars via donations). Pop-ups and Ads are nothing more than annoying elements on a web page.

3) Customers ignore anything irrelevant.

Simply put, clients don’t pick up phone calls from un-known numbers. Sometimes they do not even respond to messages from their family and friends!! (There are several mobile apps with which you can block anyone from bothering you.)

So how do you find customers in a world of overwhelming advertising, very smart consumers who almost ignore everything?

Here is the smart way to market to these smart customers:

Well, if you look close enough, all these people still have problems and needs solutions. They do know what to know about your product. They want to know how one can solve their problems.

The smart solution is Inbound Marketing. So, what is this Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is nothing but CAPTIVATING your audience with information and solution that could solve their problem, instead of you pushing your product on them.

In-bound Marketing is all about creating valuable content that will help your target customer – answering questions to their problem, solving it, and hence starting a relationship.

Once a relationship is established, they will begin to trust you. They consider you as an authority and be inquisitive about what business solution you have that could solve their problems.

Now you have 5000x the power compared to dumb cold calling.

They like you, they see you as a problem solver, they know you, they trust you, and then they buy from you. Building that trust is the key.

Now that we have seen the WHY and the WHAT, Let’s now discussed the HOW

This process is very simple and easy to implement:

  • Identify problems that your target customer has.
  • Do a little bit of research and write articles on them.
  • Create a blog and publish those articles on them.
  • Promote those posts though an email list, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Your target customers will find them, read them. Most importantly see you as an authoritative person.
  • They get curious about the business solutions you provide.
  • Have a newsletter on your blog. They create an account after reading a post or join your email list.
  • Whenever you write an article and solution, it reaches their inbox. This process given an opportunity to contact you.
  • Offer them to book for a consultation or hop on a call with them.
  • Now you have “the easiest sell in the world” because the lead already knows you, likes and trusts you.

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