How To Do Search Engine Optimization / How to optimize your website to satisfy Search Engine?

How to optimize your website to satisfy Search Engine? The How to for Search Engine Optimization.

This could be little lengthy but you will get better understanding.

Every Search Engine has its own specific Algorithm to provide relevant search results to its users. Our job is to simply satisfy all the Search Algorithm needs, laid by a Search Engine. By doing so we make the search engines happy and so you rank higher in search results.

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Traditionally there are 3 main Search Algorithm needs you are expected to satisfy in order to make your website search engine friendly. They are given below.

Search Engine Algorithms:

  • Content
  • Titles and
  • Links

This may sound cliche, but this is the fundamental thing any search engine will expect form a Website or a Web page.

Words in your website does matter. Have you ever heard the phrase Content is the King? Well it is so true for search engines and for search engine optimization.

Content is the King

Search Engines filter the results for a specific Keyword based on the words used in your web site. Search Engines only display those websites that contain the specific keywords that are entered in the search bar.

So if are you thinking to over load your website with all the keywords that people search online, then you are only a fool. The Search Engine Algorithm is so clever to differentiate which website or web page has relevant content and which one is a spam. So BEWARE!!

Always optimize your website for real people. Not for Search Engines.

Let us take a simple example to understand this.

When want to go to a party and you want to impress everyone with an amazing dress. So you go to Google and search for Party Wear. Google comes up with tons of results. You will only see websites related to shopping carts or from a style blogger. Why is this so? Because Google’s algorithm is clever enough to differentiate the real deal from a spam.

Titling your page with keywords

This applies for the contents in your website, page, blog post, and your product and also for your title. Think Page title as if you are titling your Book.

Links from Quality Websites matters

Let’s take a simple example before understanding Links and Backlinks from SEO perspective.

Say you are new to New York and you just moved in. You want to go for a movie but you do not know where to go and what to do? You have a friend who is living in New York for 10 years. You will immediately be comforted if he/ she guides you. So you call our friend and he/ she is recommending you where to go and even which movie is good.

The same applies for Link Building or Backlinks. A website with good number of quality backlinks makes a Search Engine happy and will rank you higher.

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