What is keyword research in SEO?

Keyword Research – What it is and why it’s Important in SEO?

keyword-researchKeyword Research is simply a process of analyzing and researching of the possible keywords that are used on a search engine. One of the most crucial parts of SEO is targeting the right term. It is more than just calculating the number of searches a particular word gets and settling for one with the highest searches. It involves analyzing the best keyword and phrases that are likely to bring about the highest conversions. Proper keyword research also includes looking at the expected traffic levels for the relevant terms chosen, the conversion value of one keyword as compared to another keyword.

The analysis also is directed towards weighing the completion levels of each of the terms. Here, you identify whether it is worth to compete on a highly popular term or on a term that has lower volume searches that are less competitive. While you might think that you know what keywords you will use to target your audience, you need to know that not all keywords are relevant and some don’t even get searched.

How to do keyword research?

There are a few steps that you ought to follow in generating keywords for your site. First, you need to research your audience by finding out what terms they often use when they make searches. Secondly, you seek to find what terms are in use on the search engines by using the available analytic tools like Google Webmaster tools. The next step is looking up for suggestions on some keywords that you can use. There are tools online that will help you in generating keywords; you can make use of them. Finally, you look up for competition. Type the name of competitors that you think of and any terms that you think they are using and find out if there is something that you had not noticed.


It’s important to take into account all the elements mentioned above. Unless you are knowledgeable about the facts surrounding a chosen keyword, you cannot tell if it is profitable for you and your website. The huge mistake that you can make in SEO is to go straight in and start optimizing your site and link building strategy for a keyword phrase that either won’t lead to any conversions or one that is so competitive such that you don’t have any chance of attaining high ranks in the search engine result pages.

Proper Keyword Research – Conclusion

Keyword research, you will agree is an important aspect of SEO. It helps in directing the right traffic to your site by using the right keywords or phrases. If you want to do well in the search engine ranks, then you need to carry out a comprehensive research to generate the right keyword.

Performing the right keyword research that brings in quality targeted traffic could be cumbersome. If you do not pick the right keyword, then chances of getting very little or no traffic at all is HIGH.

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