What Is Page Authority & How To Improve It

Increasing the page authority of your backlinks can dramatically increase your results.

Improving the page authority of a page and its backlinks can significantly escalate your page in search results.

This brief article predominantly shows you how to do that:

First of all, let’s understand what is a PA / Page Authority by Moz.com and How to improve it?

Pisst.. This is the secret ingredient we (SEO Services India) have been personally using.

How to improve your backlinks that deliver ROI double or triple times the value of the link?

How to legitimately increase the page authority of your backlinks without getting penalized by major search engines?

Let’s dive deep into it…


The Number One Secret To High Quality Backlinks

The Moz’s DA/ Domain Authority is one of the standard way to quantify the value of the website or domain you are getting a link from.

It is an alternative metric created by Moz, to rank a page after Google stopped Page Rank methodology to rank the webpages.

Domain Authority considers several parameters to value the strength of a domain including the number of quality links, power of those links, referring domain and so on.

When Domain Authority considers multiple parameters to quantify the authority of the whole domain/ website, Page Authority considers just one page.

At times a quality link from High Authority domain does not help your site.

Let’s understand couple of real time case studies (from our clients) to understand PA better.

Case #1: High DA link on Home Page/ Landing Page:

Most of the website get backlinks wither from their blog posts or guest posts. Often the links on these posts point to the home page of that site, where most of the link juice is.

Search Engines like Google finds them and rewards your site accordingly. Almost every site on the Internet today has High PA on their home page. Hence the homepage becomes the strongest page on the entire domain.

Now, hold this thought in your mind. Is the home page your conversion page?

Does the home page actually offers the products and services? Actually NOT. Usually you have another page that offers the products or services.

Remember, you want your prospects/ clients to buy your products or services and not simply visit your website and close.

This strategy may rank your site well in the beginning but in the long run it will lose much of the link value you once had.

Case #2: Links from High DA domain, Less Popular sub-page

With lot of work, you may have won a great link on a powerful directory or a luxury website with a huge domain authority. But if your webpage does not have enough internal links the PA will be 1 or even 0. This is not what you want!

Case #3: Authority vs Amount

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo frequently revises their algorithm to have better quality vs quantity. Imagine when your website with links from a bunch of poor or low PA websites.

Do you think your website will be ranked up high in search results?

Don’t panic, this is the reason why we (SEO Company Bangalore) have formulated several strategies to help you out of this mess!

How To Improve your Page Authority & Ranking Well

Now how to solve the problem in hand?

There are number of ways for you to do it. Building internal links through cross-referencing page or blog posts could help. But the proven way is to just build backlinks to back-up your backlinks!

When you boost your backlinks with back-up links, search engines crawls them and springs you more recognition for those link on the page.

These links are called back-up links because typically they do not directly point to your main website.

Since these back-up links do not point your main site, you can be more hostile with them.

We recommend to use these back-up links on properties like your Facebook Fan Page, Video Marketing sites and so on.

How does this strategy help your site?

Double folds the value of the high-quality backlinks you already have.

Increases the chances of your pages to get indexed & crawled frequently.

Reduces the risk of pages losing its value as they roll off the homepage.

Improves the chances of getting targeted referral traffic!

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